BlackSmith Simulator Challenge


GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 23:07 (Edited)

Make a BlackSmithSimulator Challenge

Winner get a program made by me that has there name in big letters on it maybe there game as a background and there name will be animated maybe i will add some fireworks and stuff like that it is going to look awesome

Randomly generated mine(s) or world

At least 3 different magic items can be crafted

Must have at least 2 types of currency for and idea of what i mean (regular gold coins and rare diamonds)

And for the people who decide to do this challenge i know some of you might be really busy with work or some other things so this challenge will end on July 30

Points are scored by —
0 - 5 points for a good amount of creativity
0 - 4 points for a originality
0 - 2 points for difficulty you can make the game to easy now
but you also cant make the game to hard
0 - 1 point for good graphics
0 - 1 point for good music

I will not be takin part in this challenge right here because i dont want to make a program with my name in giant letters for a challenge i came up with

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