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Iibralod02 2022-12-22 21:33

Try your hand at governing ancient Sumeria successfully for a 10-year term of office.

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2022-12-23 01:41
Hammurabi.nx | Open in app
2022-12-22 21:33

Iibralod02 2022-12-22 21:34

The game lasts 10 years, with a year being one turn.
Each year, enter how many bushels of grain to allocate to buying (or selling) acres of land, feeding your population, and planting crops for the next year.
Each person needs 20 bushels of grain each year to live and can till at most 10 acres of land.
Each acre of land requires one bushel of grain to plant seeds.
The price of each acre of land fluctuates from 17 bushels per acre to 26 bushels.
If the conditions in your country ever become bad enough, the people will overthrow you and you won't finish your 10 year term.

Kr87 2022-12-22 22:54

You should write that into the description. Right?

Awsa 2023-01-12 00:38

I like the idea

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