Text Input Screen


Pablo 2023-10-05 21:10 (Edited)

– Based on Full BG access test by was8bit

Text_Input_Screen.nx | Open in app
2023-10-11 14:39
Text_Input_Screen.nx | Open in app
2023-10-05 21:10

was8bit 2023-10-06 15:07

Very beautifully done :) thanks for sharing :)

Ericisonit 2023-10-07 15:47

You might do what was suggested to me, when parsing your hexadecimal strings, use a VAL(“0X”+MID$(SZ$,I,2)) to get the 0-255 byte value of the 2 hex characters at position I. Its faster and more succinct. And undocumented. :)

Pablo 2023-10-08 21:07

Thanks! I learnt a lot about LowRes NX from your examples.

I didn't use the 0x conversion because there's no such thing in basic. Maybe it doesn't matter, since it's abusing strings anyway.

was8bit 2023-10-08 21:46


was8bit 2023-10-08 21:47

With lowres, there is almost always more than one way to do something...

was8bit 2023-10-26 16:58

Could you post what you added for each update? I a curious to know ;)

Pablo 2023-10-26 18:40 (Edited)

The first update completes the font set. The second update removes the disabling of raster and vbl interrupts.

Thanks for asking!

was8bit 2023-10-26 19:34

Ah... thanks :)

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