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was8bit 2019-04-12 01:32 (Edited)

KEY button selects Key
NOTES beside the KEY button play the individual notes of the scale
SCALE button selects Scale
STYLE button selects style for the circle buttons (chord or rift)
All circle buttons play chord or rift (WIP not working)

Chords progress in sequence... may run forward or backward, or jump from one sequence to another..

I . II . III . IV . V . VI . VII
I . IV . VII . III . VI . II . V . I

small case chord numbers are "borrowed" chords that must end in the connecting main chord... you would only explore borrowed chords that use notes not in the main scale.

Example chord sequence: I II V I .... I II ii v i/V I

Where i is the same chord as V and is the chord that connects the borrowed scale to the main scale.

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