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Timo 2018-10-11 11:49

The official LowRes NX character editor.

Char Designer 1.4.nx | Open in app
2019-07-05 09:20
Char Designer 1.3.nx | Open in app
2019-01-16 20:33
Char Designer 1.2.nx | Open in app
2018-11-07 11:12

was8bit 2018-10-11 19:22


Timo 2018-11-07 11:14

Version 1.2: No new features, but uses the Touch Zones GUI library now, which improves the usability.

was8bit 2018-11-07 15:49

I had thought that the changes would fix the issue of when your finger is dragging in one area the effect stays in that area... I still have the issue of when drawing using a drag motion, should I stray over the color seletion it changes colors while trying to fill in space in the draw area using a drag motion..

The problem is really bad in the palette edit from the background editor.. while swiping a color control upwards, often reach the palette select and I get bumped into another palette color while trying to edit a palette color..

Timo 2018-11-07 18:38 (Edited)

If you still have the issue in Character Designer, maybe you are trying the wrong version? V1.2 fixes exactly what you describe: If you start your touch in one area/button, you cannot affect other buttons anymore.

I'm currently working on the Background Editor, it will get the same new system.

was8bit 2018-11-08 04:41

>_< oh, duh, this is what happens when I tired...

I did copy it and tested it, but all i did was use the ORIGINAL one.. i forgot to load the new copy as a tool...

I've just now did that, and tested it for real, and it works just as you said :D

AstonBrown 2022-11-06 14:31

this is the first thing uploaded to lowres nx ever

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