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Sea voyage game


Jonnywhateva 2020-03-11 13:10 (Edited)

A new proof of concept I've started. Procedurally generated world. Potentially infinite. Land the ship at a dock to explore an island. One cell in the the over world view translates to one screen on the island. Will have landmarks and npcs. Not entirely sure what direction I will take the gameplay in.. have some ideas mainly focused around exploration and fetch quests. Let me know if you have any ideas.


1 added buildings and dock when exploring Press A near ship wheel to sail Working on building indoors, npcs, items, and quests Still not 100%sure what the gameplay will be like.

2 added interiors. Face a door or cave and press A to enter. Face the exit and press A to exit

3 added item pickups, chests, and npcs. No inventory yet, and can't interact with npcs yet, but that's coming. Items/chests are picked up with A and are remembered, so picked up items/opened chests will stay that way when you return.

4 more variety to NPC s. Randomly generated NPC names. The start of NPC dialogue, which is remembered and will be consistent when you return to the same NPC. Also started adding persistent ram saving. Press B to save game, only works properly at sea or on a dock right now. Game will load automatically next time it starts.

This games code is kinda sloppy, I might rap this game up soon and use what I've learned making it to start my next game.

Adventure Game.nx | Open in app
2020-04-08 07:02
Adventure Game.nx | Open in app
2020-04-04 13:30
Adventure Game.nx | Open in app
2020-04-01 19:34
Adventure Game.nx | Open in app
2020-03-11 13:10

TrashCan Games 2020-03-11 13:39

Looks good so far

was8bit 2020-03-12 03:11

When i land my ship on the island and i am walking around, how do i get back into my ship ?

Jonnywhateva 2020-03-12 03:41

Lol you can't yet. I plan to make the dock area look like a dock with a ship and you leave by interacting with the ship wheel

was8bit 2020-03-12 03:51

Ah... I love the concept :)

was8bit 2020-03-13 05:46

Hmm.. it would be cool if changes a player makes to the game could be saved to PERSIST memory... but just saving the islands could be troublesome...

Jonnywhateva 2020-03-13 15:11

That is an idea I've had. Since all the islands are pseudo random and will always generate the same I wouldn't need to save the island, just the changes the player makes on it. I would probably need to put a limit on the number of changes saved before old changes start being overwritten is all.

was8bit 2020-03-13 15:43

Ah, you do not use RANDOMIZE TIMER ?

Did you know that if you use RANDOMIZE # (with a fixed number) you will get another whole set of islands always the same for that # ? Its an old trick i used to use, but you can NOT allow playwr input until all of the islands have been generated ;)

Jonnywhateva 2020-03-13 19:14

This is what the game does for each island
X and Y being the position it is trying to spawn an island. That way the seed is set when the island is generated, and if I need to use random numbers after I'll just use randomize timer after it is generated. The islands actually disappear when you sail away from them and are generated again when you sail back, which is how the potentially infinite world stays consistent.

was8bit 2020-03-14 07:24

Ooo.... super clever :D

Auren von Zuben 2020-03-19 13:44

It’s going to be a great game!😁

was8bit 2020-04-01 21:22

Nice update :)

was8bit 2020-04-04 15:28

Neato :)

Timo 2020-04-08 07:10

Could you make the scrolling faster in the transitions from one map area to the next (on islands)?
The rest looks great :)

Jonnywhateva 2020-04-08 17:47

Thanks for the tip timo! Yes that will be easy enough to change

Jonnywhateva 2020-04-15 00:49

So it would appear that in my last update I somewhat broke how islands are generated..whoops.. I'll try and fix it, but I'm starting to consider just starting on my next project. This game was coded pretty poorly and led me to do a lot of troubleshooting.. at least I've learned a lot from my mistakes which will help with my next game :)

Timo 2020-04-15 07:57

Still a very cool failure then ;)

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