API for Remjin Spyky Thyngy


CreatorJo 2020-04-20 19:18

Use for building tools, games, and other software that involves speech synthesis. The screenshot is an example of what can be done with this.


~How to Use~
Write code in the designated area for your software. I would prefer it if you keep the copyright info and credit me when you release your software. To make the API speak, just write "CALL SAY(string to say)".

~List of letter-phoneme associations~

I will omit letters that make the sound you'd expect them to.

A - Short A sound

Ey - Long A sound

C - Same as K

E - Short E sound, Schwa sound, or short U sound

Y - Long E sound

I - Short I sound

Ay - Long I sound

O - Short O sound

Ou - Long O sound

U - Double O sound

Q - K + W

X - K + S

Space - Space delay

Double Space - Comma delay

Triple Space - Period delay

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2020-04-20 19:18

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