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Open world rpg


Jonnywhateva 2020-04-28 15:08 (Edited)

Not nearly close to finished, technically not playable even. Just something I've started working on. It's easier to see what the game will be by looking at the code than by playing it. Planning it to be an open world rpg with persistent character stats and quests which save instantly so you can quit and resume any time. Procedurally generated world with seamless exploration. Item inventory, equipment and such. Procedurally generated enemies. Customizable characters.... the world generation is buggy right now

For testing right now the controls are just drag the screen

Update 1 added player movement control and collision checking. It's pretty clear though that the world generation is broken, collisions and the visible world don't line up at all. Just touch the screen in the direction to walk

Update 2 fixes the collisions, might have fixed the world generation too

Update 3 finished enough animation frames to get rid of the arrows. If you quickly tap the screen it triggers a battle.. which right now just sets up the battle screen and then stops.

Update 4 added some battle animation. No ui yet. Just tap a character to make them attack. The character equipment colors are random right now, but they will be based on the equipment you select. Also the weapon it shows will change based on equipment.

Update 5 buggy update. Just hard to Find time to work on it. But there's some progress so I thought I would upload. Character appearance reflects equipment now. You can customize equipment using the new game option. Just tap what you want to change. If you want to remove a character from the party set the race to 8. And if you want a weapon to be unarmed set the weapon to pants (I know it's odd.. but it works lol) still no battle ui, but I think that's next

Update 6 added the start of the battle ui and combat calculations. Enemy doesn't take its turn yet, no items or class abilities yet, and since your stats all default to 0 and the enemy's default to RND(255) there is no way to do more than 00 damage, but it's a start.

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2020-05-12 23:48
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2020-05-11 11:37
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2020-05-09 07:02
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2020-05-02 20:25
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2020-04-30 23:43
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Open Rpg.nx | Open in app
2020-04-28 15:08

GAMELEGEND 2020-04-28 15:26 (Edited)

Im just going to press like even that it aint any where near done just because its a rpg

Timo 2020-04-28 15:49

... and because Jonnywhateva usually makes interesting things :)

GAMELEGEND 2020-04-28 16:03

Yeah that to

Jonnywhateva 2020-04-28 16:15

Well thank you! I definitely apreciate it :) I'm just starting to use some of the features like data and persistent memory as well, so hopefully the end result isn't too far off from my overly ambitious vision lol

GAMELEGEND 2020-04-30 22:22

Are the black arrows going to be in the finished games

Jonnywhateva 2020-04-30 23:42

Lol no, I have the black arrows as placeholders in the character data. All of the characters for the players in your party are redrawn based on your equipment. I just haven't made all the the animation frames yet

nousername010 2020-05-01 00:27

Looks like you've also made it work on negative axes as well, good job. I'm looking forward to the end result :)

As well as the unintended "farlands" effect that might be done by going too far...

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-02 20:57 (Edited)

Is this start of battle animation


That animation is pretty good

Jonnywhateva 2020-05-03 00:18

Thank you, I was going to play around with some different effects too. Originally I had it do a horizontal wobble or a vertical wobble, but I liked how it looked when I combined them. I like how the old school final fantasy games transition to battles and was kind of going for that effect.

Jonnywhateva 2020-05-03 00:20

Btw, any code I upload anyone can use for themselves. I won't make a big deal out of credit or anything. If you like any of my code just copy it if you want.

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-11 17:10

How much strategy will the battles require

Jonnywhateva 2020-05-11 20:30

My idea is that the battles themselves are more or less a Rock Paper Scissors of use an attack they are weak to. Kinda like fire emblem I guess.. a little.. so there's blunt damage, sharp damage, and magic damage, and you can equip two weapons at a time for each character. Then in battle you can attack with one or the other, use an item, or use a class ability which might cost mana. The real strategy would be in setting up your party. I've been playing around with ideas for class synergy. So you would try to build a strategy using your character classes. So for example one character could have a powerful attack but they need to charge up multiple turns for it and can't be interrupted while charging. Then another character could have an ability where they can take damage in place of another character. And then a third character could heal the second one, but would be unable to do damage. That way the first one can cover the last ones weakness with its powerful attack. And you can see what abilities each class has and what requirements you need to meet to use them before hand so you have something to work toward. None of that is really in the game yet, but that's the sort of thing I was hoping to eventually work in.

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-11 20:36

Sounds like a good idea to me

Jonnywhateva 2020-05-11 20:43

Thanks :D I always liked that kind of game within a game like deck building for magic the gathering. Was kind of going for that sort of thing

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