Pizza Sprites Action Pack


Flyingpizza264 2020-05-06 05:45 (Edited)

Not familiar enough with NX to make a good show but here's some raw data for your pizza needs. Yeah, that means you can steal 'em.

HUGE thanks to was8bit for being helpful across these updates

1. Added more sprites and reorganized them for easier use
2. Added versions some sprites, reorganized, and made a decent representation of the character

Pizza Sprites.nx | Open in app
2020-05-06 19:33

Timo 2020-05-06 06:00

These are cool sprites, but you have to keep character 0 empty, it’s the default background character, the whole screen is filled with it.

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-06 06:07

I have never seen this much pizza in a long time

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-06 06:18

@Timo I will learn the ways
@GAMELEGEND The pizza hasn't even begun

was8bit 2020-05-06 09:17

I have a little gift for you ! :)

Pizzariffic Howdy.nx | Open in app
2020-05-06 09:17

was8bit 2020-05-06 09:33

Another gift :)

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-06 18:23

Wow thanks! Was8bit is the man!

was8bit 2020-05-06 18:54


Flyingpizza264 2020-05-07 01:40

What? How do I make character 0 empty? I’ve been switching Was8bit and my data back and forth and only his works. I am category 5 bamboozled

was8bit 2020-05-07 02:57

I DIDN'T make char#0 empty...

By default, NX starts with all BG's with char#0 with the asumption that char#0 will be left blank...

I simply wrote out char#0 with a new char# that IS blank ;)

BG 0
BG FILL 0,0 TO 19,15 CHAR 64
BG 1
BG FILL 0,0 TO 19,15 CHAR 64

It is important that you do the trick to BOTH background layers ...

was8bit 2020-05-07 02:58

Of course, it is easier to just leave char#0 blank ;)

was8bit 2020-05-07 02:59

One trick with char#0 is to ANIMATE it... let me post an example...

was8bit 2020-05-07 03:18

Here ya go ;)

was8bit 2020-05-07 03:26

Background layers themselves dont actually hold any graphics.... they simply reference#'s to characters and palettes in each bg cell

So when i use COPY (an advanced PEEK/POKE command) to change the graphic data in the NX active character memory, the change will instantly be seen in all cells referencing those affected character graphics ;)

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-07 03:26

Oh jeez that's not one I tried yet. It's working, thanks again :D

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-07 04:39

I think I finally got it :)

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-07 04:40 (Edited)

THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-07 04:41

Glad you like. More will follow

was8bit 2020-05-07 05:02

Glad to help :)

Mrlegoboy 2020-05-31 21:57

how did you get the picture of the pizza on there?

Flyingpizza264 2020-05-31 23:04

I couldn’t figure out how to get a screenshot in my game so I had to make due

YoItsSick123456 2020-08-26 02:59

Reminds me of a meme:

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