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TEST LAB experiments...


was8bit 2020-05-09 05:38 (Edited)

Experiment list:
#1 = CW, CCW box spin
#2 = walls, boxes, and water
#3 = boxes float

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-10 16:54 (Edited)

I have 3 questions

1 were you plannin on makin it where you can rotate it wihile the everythin is fallin

2 what is the black dot for

3 does the black dot always show up on what im guessing is supposed to be stone because the stone does not move

was8bit 2020-05-10 17:22

The gray represents concrete walls, they dont move...
The brown represents crates (wooden boxes) they float on top of water
The blue represents water, I need to improve its ability to flow...

black dot is the exit, there will be a player... player must exit via the little hole...
player will be able to: swim thru water, stand and jump off of concrete
... will jump higher off of crates IF they are floating in water...

3) exit is like concrete, it doesnt move...

... i must improve water flow, then i will add the player :)

... i am going to keep it random, and when finished i will release it to anyone who may may like to convert this into a series of puzzles by making background layouts a player has to escape from ;)

GAMELEGEND 2020-05-10 17:26 (Edited)

This program is even better now that i know what going on

was8bit 2020-05-10 17:38 (Edited)

I kept is secret initally on purpose ;) also, just in case any experment failed, no worries as nothing was promised ;)

I wacked this together really fast as my ideas sometimes disappear quickly, so i have issues now because i hurried the code... so i need to reorganize the code first, then that should help make the water flow better, then my issues with the player should also resolve ;)

My brain works kinda like a machine gun, its hard to keep up with the ideas ... as we speak i started 2 more games, one is a rapid fire game keyboard style like i made in original lowres, and the other is a matching game... both should be simple enough tom finish, but thats what i thought about this game !

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