was8bit 2020-05-20 07:32 (Edited)

A relaxing game with no real goals and no stress... just a little frog enjoying the sunshine and sleeping on lillypads, and eating a few flies here and there...

(Arrows turn frog, AB jumps)

So, enjoy the fun of hopping your little frog from pad to pad, and occaisonally jump in the water for a swim... how relaxing.... how,... um... wait... what's that? HOLY MOLY, IT'S AN ALLIGATOR!! Hop your froggy butt out the water and back on a lilly pad before...

... oops...

.... well, just shut the game off and rerun it, and TRY to relax and enjoy the Bog ;)

Frog Bog.nx | Open in app
2020-05-20 07:57
Frog Bog.nx | Open in app
2020-05-20 07:32

was8bit 2020-05-20 07:33 (Edited)

Will upgrade sounds...

... sounds are upgraded :)

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