CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE games... coming soon!!! :) :) :)


was8bit 2020-05-27 06:11 (Edited)

(CYOA games)

BY REQUEST i am working on this concept, to make it a reality for all to use :)

1) The text viewer which will be used (slightly modified) will be used in the CYOA player game


2) The book database maker, will be used in the CYOA maker tool, currently being made..


Will be free to all to make their own games... be sure to place your "copyright" at the beginning of your book, and all should respect someone else's book database, and make their own game books :)

.. wish me luck :)

was8bit 2020-05-27 06:15

"IF" this gets completed, works well, and is well liked, i have ideas for an "ADVANCED" version, with item and status variables that affect gameplay... but baby steps... first things first... keep the 1st project simple, so lets hope this works :)

was8bit 2020-05-27 06:20 (Edited)

(i.e. when entering the dragon cave, the choices 1,2,3 to choose from can change based on (YesNo) dragon is there, YN you have the correct sword, and YN your health is good .... yielding pehaps 4 scenarios or more, each with different 1,2,3 choices)

I will probably use playstation1 gamemaker approach, where you simply use flags that are or are not set, so on one hand difficult to keep up with, on the other hand will make programming this SOOO much easier and doable...

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