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Texet Town


was8bit 2020-06-30 05:07 (Edited)

Inspired by how complicated and time consuming some online game makers can be, this game is inspired by my very first TEXT game i ever made on an old AppleIIE computer...

This will be an immersive game, your progress saved, with real time interaction...

... totally just TEXT... very basic things... so you will either love it be totally bored... it will be of abit of a sandbox experience, so you will get out of it what you out into it ;)

V0.00 BIRTH of a town.. nothing yet but a dream on a piece of paper....
V0.01 Created Money, & DICE building works :)
V0.02 added PERSIST MEMORY to town...
V0.03 added date and time at a ratio of 5:1 with real time... on map, in buildings...
.......... widened the dirt paths for easier travelling without slowing down in the woods
.......... woods will be important to explore and find secret places that can help improve your reputation which will help by giving you lower payments and better incomes...
V0.04 added reputation status beside the health level on left corner
V0.05 fixed EXIT to EXIT SUB
V0.06 Lottery works
V0.07 standardized PEEK POKE memory addresses with variable names
V0.08 BANKING now available, including savings or loans
V0.09 updated town display
V0.10 added stock market building

... next to do, activate monthly stock market changes...

Texet Town V0.09.nx | Open in app
2020-07-05 09:43
Texet Town V0.08.nx | Open in app
2020-07-05 09:28
Texet Town V0.07.nx | Open in app
2020-07-04 17:40
Texet Town V0.06.nx | Open in app
2020-07-03 09:30
Texet Town V0.05.nx | Open in app
2020-07-02 04:22
Texet Town V0.04.nx | Open in app
2020-07-01 10:41
Texet Town V0.03.nx | Open in app
2020-07-01 10:25
Texet Town V0.02.nx | Open in app
2020-07-01 07:58
Texet Town V0.01.nx | Open in app
2020-07-01 07:26
Texet Town.nx | Open in app
2020-06-30 05:07

Jogrie2912 2020-06-30 06:51

Nice. I can't wait to see the full game

was8bit 2020-06-30 09:28

Thanks, I plan on adding one component at a time, money and a coupoe building on the first things to add... :)

Jogrie2912 2020-06-30 15:08


GAMELEGEND 2020-06-30 16:48

I looked at the screenshot and thought

this is going to be a good game

was8bit 2020-06-30 17:23

Thanks so much for the support :)

... will work on this soon :)

was8bit 2020-07-01 08:00

OK, go gambling at the "DICE HOUSE" (block letter "D") to try to win money

... when you exit game, your current status and location has been saved... so when you run the game again, it starts the game at your last location with what money you had...

was8bit 2020-07-01 10:27

OK, time is important as if you spend the night wandering the streets or woods, bad things can happen to you... BUT it costs money to sleep somewhere safe...

These things wont be written for a long time, so no worries right now ;)

was8bit 2020-07-01 10:29

Months are important, as they will influence your stocks, bonds, as well as if you rent monthly, etc...

was8bit 2020-07-01 10:30

... last update for now... will work on this at a later time ....

G-9 2020-07-01 18:57

Line 157 : if iget=1 then exit
EXIT is for CMD, END is for NX...

was8bit 2020-07-02 04:23 (Edited)

@G-9, thanks, fixed :)

EXIT will work when latest update gets posted, i forgot it works on testflight version but not for current version in apple store....

was8bit 2020-07-03 05:09

... currently working on the Lottey House ("L"building)

was8bit 2020-07-03 09:31

Ok, you can now play the Lottery :)

G-9 2020-07-03 14:35


was8bit 2020-07-03 17:19

Lottery has higher payouts (up to $999), but dice game yields better odds - good for quick small cash...

was8bit 2020-07-03 17:22

Bank will yield small but consistent interest (also protects your money)
Stock exchange will offer bigger yields or losses

Also, eventually will be adding a temp job agency which will offer random tasks you can get paid for...

On a special note, a higher reputation will let you get better interest at bank, better performance of your stock, and higher wages at the temp jobs ;)

Tinycloud778 2020-07-05 18:47

This is cool

was8bit 2020-07-05 20:04

Thanks :) ... more coming :)

Jogrie2912 2020-07-06 15:53


was8bit 2020-07-06 22:48

Thanky :)

was8bit 2020-07-08 17:53

Ok, stock market building up and running... i need to add monthly stock changes...

# is how many shares of the stock you own
$ is how much each share is currently worth
+- indicattes the trend or future change of price
- means price is dropping
+ means price is going up

was8bit 2020-07-08 17:55

Yoyoyo is the name of stock #1, it indicates that its trend can go up or down quickly

Tidal is the name of stock#2, it indicates that its trend changes slowly

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