was8bit 2020-07-13 08:51

Touch to place firecrackers.... ;)

Firecrackers.nx | Open in app
2020-07-13 08:51

was8bit 2020-07-13 08:55 (Edited)

I am exploring using BG 1 ATTR data as a way of holding timing delay data... to control animation and other effects...

If BG 1 is set to OFF (or invisible) i could use BG 1 character data for timing data, and use BG 1 attr data for other settings like direction of travel, status, etc, of the character above it in BG 0... ;)

G-9 2020-07-13 10:08

Looks like redstone :)

was8bit 2020-07-13 14:26

Ah :)

Well, not sure if you have ever seen the old TV show "mission impossible"


The opening scene is a lit match that starts a buring rope.... the concept in the show is that several agents are working seperately towards one goal... if the sucessful timing of any one agent fails, the whole mission fails.. ultimately their lives depend on them being successful at timing their individual achievements properly if the mission as a whole is to succeed...

One day i would like to expand this concept in this game to different series of chained events with different sequences and timings, and you have to properly connect and properly set each one off at the correct timing to achieve success on the whole... ;)

GAMELEGEND 2020-07-14 00:40 (Edited)

thier so fun

was8bit 2020-07-14 03:26


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