iOS 14 has been released ...


G-9 2020-09-19 12:07

And the bug isn’t fixed !!! I have more than 240 programs to delete but I can’t ! Please add 3D Touch for programs 😕

Timo 2020-09-19 14:34

I need to download the new Xcode 12 and it's 11 GB 😧
End of month I'll get faster Internet, but I still need to make space on my computer, it's at its limit. And then I'll try to fix the problem.
Anyway, it's not 3D Touch, Apple already deprecated it in the new devices. It's just a long tap.

G-9 2020-09-19 14:40

Thanks ,you are the best :D

Timo 2020-09-20 08:27

By the way, you can delete programs also from the Files app (at least if you use iCloud).

was8bit 2020-09-20 14:36

@Timo.... THANK YOU for thet tip about the FILES app... i have never used that before until just now, and was able to find ALL of my unnamed files, and give them names... i have not been able to find the first Unknown file until just now! Awesome tip !!! :)

G-9 2020-09-20 16:34

I said this tip a month before ... (https://lowresnx.inutilis.com/topic.php?id=%201340#post-9454)

was8bit 2020-09-20 17:36 (Edited)

Ah, i looked at your post again

"Also LRCfresh, if you can’t rename from the app, try renaming them from iCloud Drive (don’t forget the png !)"

But i dont really understand how to use icloud drive... but when Timo said FILES APP, i went to the apple store to download the FILES APP, and it says i already had the FILES APP, so tapped the OPEN button on the apple store, to discover a list.. i typed UNNAMED in the search box, saw all of my unnamed files, and gave them all names..

I have SO many apps on my ipad, i still dont know WHERE on my ipads the FILES APP is, but it solved my unnamed files issue..

I still dont 100% understand icloud, but only use it for lowres, and all i know is that it makes all my lowres NX files available on all my devices....

Timo 2020-09-20 21:29

That’s basically what iCloud is ;)
It synchronizes files and folders automatically between devices.

G-9 2020-09-21 05:38

Files app and iCloud Drive are the same ...
Before iOS 11 it was iCloud Drive and after it was the file app.
(Also you can search your apps in Safari and the search bar of the homescreen ;) )

Timo 2020-09-21 06:08

Not really. iCloud and iCloud Drive is the system behind it and Files is the standard app to access the files.

They renamed the app “iCloud Drive” to “Files”, because it can show files from other sources, too.

Originally iCloud didn’t have traditional files, but apps like Calendar or Contacts could synchronize their data between devices.

With “Drive” they added a way to use it as a more traditional file storage.

was8bit 2020-09-21 07:01 (Edited)

I am using ios 11.4.1 .... oh and i just now found my FILES app, and have moved it where i can find it again...

@g9, im sorry i wasnt knowlegable enough to get your initial help... and search bar on the homescreen is useful, but only if i can remember the name of the app i want to find ;)

Between all the apple devices i have owned over the years, i have downloaded literally thousands of apps ! I ONLY use my devices for apps.. i do not use them to store music or videos or anything else....

Timo 2020-10-01 08:39

I got the new Xcode 12 beast installed and will check the issues this weekend :)

G-9 2020-10-01 10:30

Oh that’s so good :D

It’s the same issue for me with Visual Studio : 23 GO !! :/

Timo 2020-10-02 12:47

So context menus on iOS 14 really use 3D Touch. But devices without it (older AND newer iPhones) replaced it with a long press. They look like the app context menus on the iPhones home screen now.
Now I'm experimenting with iOS 14's widgets and I'm making a "Program of the Day" widget.

G-9 2020-10-02 13:41 (Edited)

Sounds like a good idea 💡:D
The 2.0 update !!!
Did the « Program of the day » will be a program from our iCloud Drive files or from the website ?
I can’t wait 😄

Timo 2020-10-02 14:15

From the website. But I'm still thinking about a good algorithm how to choose the program. Maybe the release with the most likes of the previous day, and if there is nothing new, something random from the featured ones. Any better ideas?

G-9 2020-10-02 14:53

I think you can add a setting (long-press in the widget > settings) to choose between :
- Most liked of the day (or of the previous day if there’s any new program)
- Randomly between featured programs
- Randomly between all programs !

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