Speedy Speller game


was8bit 2020-10-02 05:59

1) Sorting area is the gray cells, they simply hold letter tiles
2) Action area is the white cells, for scoring or exchange
3) Control buttons to do an action

1) SCORE: place a word in the action area, hit the GREEN button
2) SWAP: place letters you want to exchange in the action area, hit the RED button
3) RELOAD: leave the action area empty, hit the RED button

1) GET points for words: +2^(word length)
2) LOOSE points for swap: -10 each tile
3) LOOSE points for reload: -2^(unused tiles)

was8bit 2020-10-02 06:02 (Edited)

A few notes:

Score will not go negative, 0 (zero) is your lowest score...

Words are not checked, there is no dictionary, so you are on the honor system ;)

Also, this game has been designed to work with other languages besides ENGLISH... it is designed to be able to work with up to 45 characters..... post for help if you are interested in making a version in a different language :)

Also, this wasnt the main game my grid test was for... just thought of this game as result of making the grid test... my other game will be posted soon :)

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