“ Thin Blue Line” game


was8bit 2018-11-22 18:13 (Edited)

(NX core 0.11)

Shady character you cannot arrest are solid gray

Robbers you CAN arrest glow green indicating they have money

When you arrest a robber, (only one at a time) you must deliver them to jail

If a robber reaches the edge of town, they transfer the stolen money out of town

YOU LOSE when all banks run out of money

YOU WIN when you catch (as robbers) arrest and jail all criminals

(needs polishing with levels and such, but this plays currently as a one level game with no replay)

Blockhead 2018-11-23 08:36

Sorry, but I think you can do better with the graphic

was8bit 2018-11-23 09:05

Of course... that's why it's a "GUTTA CAVAT LAPIDEM" game.. bare bones..

When i am done, your welcome to remix this (or anything I make) with better graphics :)

Blockhead 2018-11-23 10:52


was8bit 2018-11-23 10:54


Blockhead 2018-11-23 14:07

New game was created! Try it now! (Play gaem already)

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