LowRes NX Console


Alice 2020-11-04 04:53

Looking forward to the LowResNX Console with real cartridges to buy, sell, and trade?
So are we! Two versions are planned for release:

LRNX-HG Gaming Console (Handheld Console with added HDMI Output)

- Play anywhere! Small, lightweight 2-button device with multi-directional D-pad and mini-keyboard capabilities.
- Cartridge based, just like the good old days. No more issues with internet access when you want to play your favorite game.
- Upgradable operating system through system cartridges.
- Audio jack for booming sound through your headphones or connect to your sound system.
- 2-Play Connect enabling you to connect two devices together and simultaneously play on a mirrored screen with your friend. Compete and go on adventures together!
- HDMI Output to play your favorite games on your big screen tv!

LRNX-BM Business Machine (Powerful professional platform)

- Designed to be used in both a business and home professional environment.
- Full keyboard with two-button trackball integrated system.
- HDMI output, 8 USB ports for peripherals and storage devices.
- Cartridge based system which avoids security issues.
- Network capabilities with optional peripheral which also handles storage management, user permissions, and print management.
- Cartridge writing peripheral to encode your own software cartridges. Create your own games, business software, and more!
- NX-Net connection peripheral which handles connecting multiple remote location networks together. Isolated network that does not use the “internet” for transmission avoiding security issues. Private, secure connection for your network needs.

Development Platform for Developers

LOW-TECH IS THE FUTURE! LowRes NX aims to make development accessible. Instead of providing a platform that evolves faster than it’s users, LowRes NX maintains a stable and consistent programming platform that developers can learn and spend more time developing and less time chasing updates and changes. LowRes NX provides everything needed to create solutions that will be easily maintained, modified, and adopted by any individual. Start creating solutions that work and stop wasting time learning and relearning flavor-of-the-day programming languages. Master LowRes NX programming in a fraction of the time required to learn other languages and become a valuable asset to the community and those who need your ideas!

...unfortunately this text is a work of fiction...or maybe it’s not. More to come...hopefully. ;)

Timo 2020-11-04 06:55

These evil USB ports should be removed, they are the entrance to the hell of the modern world ;)

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