Banane Joe


desbyc 2018-11-25 19:50

after a long time here is my new Game.
Collect bananas and punch or kick the enemys.
Punch 1 second freeze.
Kick 2 seconds freeze.
Try to survive 9 level.
Tell me bugs you find.
Thanks to Timo for help with AI- and Level-Up-Code and show me some tricks with BG-Deigner.

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2018-11-25 19:50

was8bit 2018-11-26 04:08

Awesome game :)

It's kinda like lode runner but without zapping blocks :)

desbyc 2018-11-26 05:35

Lode Runner was my Inspiration.

was8bit 2018-11-26 05:51

And I LOOOOVE lode runner :)

Your game is like an easier version, so it's just as fun :D

was8bit 2018-11-26 05:55

I don't like much the kick or punch... I actually don't use them .. it's easier for me to outwit them... also the animation is hard to see even on my iPad..

"Throwing" bananas may be too much messing with the code, but for me seems more logical, and reminds me of the free game quick basic came with (2 king kongs on top sky scrapers throwing bananas at each other, tearing up the city ;) )

desbyc 2018-11-26 06:09

I was thinking about throwing something, but then punching and kicking was easyer to implement ;).
To make it thrue all 9 Level without kick or punch is very hard.

was8bit 2018-11-26 07:03

Oh yea I understand the easy part of it :)

I just can't see how it helps... I'm thinking something should happen to them.. like if i hit them they run AWAY from me (rather than towards) for a few seconds, and if i kick them, they remain dazed for a few seconds and I can get past them...

As is, I'm inclined to not use either because it irritating that I'm hitting and kicking them and they react like I'm not doing anything to them.. so I just run around or thru them, or just die...

Other than that little thing, I love the game :)

desbyc 2018-11-26 08:25

They should do that:
Punch: 1 second enemy freeze.
Kick: 2 seconds Enemy freeze.
So you can pass them.

was8bit 2018-11-26 09:07

ah.. I replayed and you are right :)

Have you ever played burgertime? When you pepper something it freezes them temporarily, but they also temporarily turn color so you cen easily tell that they are frozen, and if they turn back to normal color you know it's worn off...

That might help make it clear... turn them pink or something while they are frozen ;)

desbyc 2018-11-26 10:26

Good ideaπŸ‘

BlockHead 2018-11-26 11:19


BlockHead 2018-11-26 11:43

But how I can download on this iPad?

desbyc 2018-11-26 14:31

Download Lowres NX from the AppStore
Copy the sourcecode and past it into Lowres NX Editor on your iPad

BlockHead 2018-11-26 17:22

Thanks, but browser crash to copy large data

Timo 2018-11-26 19:49

Graphics, animations and sounds are great, but......
As kicking and punching is free, there's not really any danger from the enemies and it's a bit boring :(
Maybe after every attack you should have to wait some seconds before you can attack again? Or you even lose a banana for each attack, so you would have to think twice before. Hm, I think you don't really count the bananas, but there should be something like this.
There's probably a simple solution to improve this, no need to program 4 more weeks hopefully ;)

desbyc 2018-11-27 08:40

There is an energybar at the top of the screen. Every time an enemy hits you, you loose some energy and the bar is shrinking. If you have no energy left, you loose. I make a new version, so its better to see.
I also make a bananacount:).
I never made it thru all 9 level without cheating, so its very hard to reach the end.
I think about some features like bananaloose or.....let me think.

was8bit 2018-11-27 11:22


desbyc 2018-12-02 11:52

A lot new features
- new statistics in the lower left
- more start and end animatios
- you loose bananas wihle enemycontact
- annoying Sound if you loose one
- collect bananas refills energy a bit
- better win-animation
- bugfixes
- better balance (i hope)
Have fun

desbyc 2018-12-02 11:53

- shorter frezze-time for enemys

Timo 2018-12-02 12:09

What happened to the music?? I think something is wrong with the volumes...

desbyc 2018-12-02 12:43

Hmmm... my Sound is ok. Turn a little bit louder?

Mrlegoboy 2019-04-16 04:39

Omg i love it

Pablo 2023-03-15 02:18

I like both Lode Runner and bananas.

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