Zone editor


Mrlegoboy 2020-12-25 05:06

Edit touch screen zones for use with timo’s infamous touch zone system.

Uses file 8
Hold a and:
Left/right to change the total number of zones
Up/down to edit a different zone
Hold b and:
Arrow buttons to change the size of the current zone
Hold nothing and:
Arrow buttons to move the current zone

Press a and b at the same time to save to the disk/whatever your editing. (Note: was it a then b, or b then a? I cant remember, just do both to be sure.)

I made my own version of the zone system, so im not actually sure how compatible this is. I might release a zone reader example if its requested.

The data format is this:
First byte:total number of zones
Then for each zone, 4 bytes:
1:x position
2:y position
3:width (x)
4:height (y)

Note: if a zone is 2 blocks wide, the width value for that zone is 1 instead of 2. Same for height.

Zone Editor.nx | Open in app
2020-12-25 05:06

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