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The Emerald Derp Leader 2018-11-30 21:35

I don't know why, but when I first visited the LowRes NX community, nothing was restricted from my Iphone. However, later the games section was restricted and now recently the forums. My phone does have parental controls on it, but I am still able to use Reddit and other forums and games sites just fine. But what is strange is how it was unrestricted at first, but then restricted months later. That would make sense if Timo changed some of the webpages tags (or whatever they are called), but then where is the difference between LowRes NX forums and other forums? Also, I am not restricted from topics, games, profile, home, nor manual--It is only the forum and games section.

In conclusion, I think the website needs to be looked into.

Disclaimer: I have no idea what is on or off in the parental controls

Timo 2018-12-01 11:31

Hi, I don't know how the parental control system works, but it sounds strange that some parts are restricted and some are not. I will try to find out.

Timo 2018-12-01 16:24

Looks like web content is automatically scanned for different criteria to decide if it should be restricted or not. There is nothing I can do on my side.
But in the settings for parental control you can add websites to a white list, so they can be visited without restrictions. You'll have to ask (your parents?) to get "lowres.inutilis.com" added.

The Emerald Derp Leader 2018-12-01 19:20

Okay. Thanks for responding

Blockhead 2018-12-06 11:53

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