Some Fun with Music and Grafix😅


desbyc 2018-12-02 11:35

Have Fun

Timo 2018-12-02 12:17

Sounds great! I'm planning to add some function to BASIC to get the current note and music stats, so animations could be synchronized to the music.

was8bit 2018-12-03 04:04

Synch ability would be FANTASTIC !!

Awesomenesspeanut 2018-12-03 08:49

when I loaded this up it said

reversed keyword
in line 56
music 5

was8bit 2018-12-03 09:37

This one requires the beta version from TestFlight... if you are a beta tester it should be working... if not the upgrade will be posted to the Apple Store soon :)

Awesomenesspeanut 2018-12-03 11:06

im on computer playing it on my browser

was8bit 2018-12-03 15:08

The MUSIC command will only work on test version 1.3, and the version from the App Store is only version 1.2 and MUSIC won't work in this version..

was8bit 2018-12-03 15:09

The browser MAY not be upgraded to the new version... it probably will be upgraded when version 1.3 is ready..

Timo 2018-12-04 20:13

I'll update the web and desktop versions when I'm happy with the current beta. But it's going well so far :)

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