Work in Progress

Single Prop Fighter


was8bit 2021-02-03 06:27

... all scrolling is working correctly...

was8bit 2021-02-03 06:34 (Edited)

I need to add player bullets... i am thinking maybe 7 bullets ??

Then that leaves me up to 30 enemy/bullet pairs for activated enemy sprites at any one time..

My idea is that when a different enemy plane from the background is read, it will NOT get drawn, but will activate and program an enemy sprite that will have a specifically different flight and fight patterns. .... currently these are simply drawn so i could focus on the scrolling effects...

GAMELEGEND 2021-02-03 06:38 (Edited)

i really dont know what is good about this

its just got something special about it :)
you know what i mean

was8bit 2021-02-03 06:38

Also, you may have noticed target looking things.... these must ALL be destroyed or you cannot level up, but must repeat the level..

The red circles on the ships are simplified gunnery turrents and will always fire towards the player... all planes will only fire in the direction they are facing...

was8bit 2021-02-03 06:39

The clouds are rather crappy looking, but serve to only hide things from view ....

was8bit 2021-02-03 06:45

This game is loosely based on an old nintendo game ... i will try to find a video of the original...

was8bit 2021-02-03 07:05 (Edited)

Mine is a very very simplified version...

was8bit 2021-02-03 07:12 (Edited)

@ gamelegend,,thanks for the compliment :) ... hopefully it plays well when it is done.... AND anyone will be able to make new levels using the backgroubd editor :)

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