—Portal NX Challenge!!—


-SkyLock24- 2021-02-26 21:11 (Edited)

Create a working Portal game with test chambers, working buttons, gravity, portal gun, and damage system. Use this program as a source code.

If you want you can add Turrets, beams, lasers, gels, and redirection cubes.

You can even add your own features!

-SkyLock24- 2021-02-27 00:43

If you havnt played the Portal games (Portal 1 and 2) you should go and try them out they are super fun

G-9 2021-02-27 10:51

Okay challenge accepted !
(P.S. : I wrote this on a Nintendo Switch)

G-9 2021-09-26 18:31

I’m rly working on it, I only need a precise collision system for portals :)

-SkyLock24- 2021-09-26 19:17


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