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FPS Engine


-SkyLock24- 2021-03-13 02:51

This is a simple FPS (First Person Shooter) game engine I am developing. So far, you can only toggle the zoom mode on and off. But, it has an awesome animation for this feature. Use Buttons A and B to toggle it on and off.🔫

Feel free to remix this or use it in your own games! Just make sure to give me credit for it. 😁

FPS Engine.nx | Open in app
2021-03-13 02:51

CubicleHead 2021-03-13 13:54

I love fps!

-SkyLock24- 2021-03-13 13:55

@CubicleHead - I was inspired by many FPS games including Apex, COD, and Halo to make this engine

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