Syntax coloring for Crimson Editor


Dan 2021-03-27 11:15

Hi, i'm using the Crimson editor as my standard text editor, and i use it for LowresNX programming as well.

And i made the syntax files (used from the Manual).


Open a texteditor, visit the pasteit webpage, copy the text and save it to the "CrimsonEditor/spec" folder.

The LowresNX.key file: https://justpaste.it/47qn6
The LowresNX.spc file: https://justpaste.it/32xtd

And here are the setup instructions (with a small preview of the coloring p.s. the coloring scheme is my edit):


Have fun.

CubicleHead 2021-03-27 13:13


was8bit 2021-03-27 16:49 (Edited)

A syntax file is crucial.... thank you for your work and for sharing :)

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