Alien Invaders


Greenpilloz 2021-04-15 11:05

A small program to generate random characters that look like space invaders.
* regenerates a bunch when you tap anywhere
* saves to DISK when you tap on one you like
enjoy ;-)

alien.nx | Open in app
2021-04-15 11:07
alien.nx | Open in app
2021-04-15 11:05

was8bit 2021-04-15 13:37

A most useful tool :)

was8bit 2021-04-17 04:35

Quick question... if i give you full credit for the alien generator, can i make a space invader style game using your random generator to create random aliens everytime the game is player ?

was8bit 2021-04-17 05:26

Here is a sneak peek of my idea...

Bitbots Attack.nx | Open in app
2021-04-17 05:26

Greenpilloz 2021-04-17 23:20

Nice, sounds great !

* Quick idea: If you want to have some predictability you can use seeds based on levels plus an optional global seed for variety, like e.g. :


This way as long as GSEED is the same you can recognise the levels by the shape of the aliens

* Another idea: I did some tests to make the alien looks more like moving between stomps by creating slightly modified upside-down flipped version of the sprites. I think it looks more like the original this way. Tell me what you think

was8bit 2021-04-18 03:55

As a non- artist I love random designs... but i do like your upside down flipped mod, will definitely use it ... and of course will be sure to give you credit :)

... I kinda wanna finish converting my farm game code and finish level 2 before I finish anything else, but this is my #2 on my "to finish" list..

... lately I only have a few minutes here or there to fiddle with code, that and being half asleep... so finishing things isn't really possible currently... hopefully will get some free time here soon ...

was8bit 2021-04-18 03:58

Oh, the predictable element will be the order of the colors that attack... as well as how many each color will bring... the idea is that of like a robot trash heap, and the rubbish parts randomly reassemble and come back to life... ;)

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