Mouse (1/4 Apple II style)


BGelais 2021-05-10 15:20

This is juste a simple basic game that demonstrate the Apple II+ computer mimics in font and sounds.

mouse.nx | Open in app
2021-05-10 15:20

G-9 2021-05-10 16:08

I love font !!

was8bit 2021-05-10 19:01

My first was an Apple2e, so i love the memories this brings :)

BGelais 2021-05-10 19:21

Never get an Apple II when I was kid, too expensive... my first was a commodore vic-20. But I dreamed to have an Apple II

was8bit 2021-05-10 20:10

Ah, memories :)

My first game console was intellivision... i still have it and its games :)

Timo 2021-05-11 11:24

I set this to "Release", it's a full game, even if it's small. "Examples" should be stuff which is mostly interesting to programmers.

BGelais 2021-05-11 14:25 (Edited)

@Timo oh ok so as a release :) thanks! Anytime, programmers can use it as an Aplle II template.

Timo 2021-05-11 16:17

Anything can be used as a template ;)

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