Mixing touch/mouse and gamepad controls


Timo 2018-12-17 19:45

There are already some programs/games which switch between touch control and gamepad control (for example touch for menus and gamepad for in-game). I think this is not a good experience for players. LowRes NX supports real gamepads (in all versions except the web player), but then switching between mouse and gamepad is a bit annoying.
I'm planning to change LowRes NX, so a program cannot switch anymore, once it requests to use touch or gamepad. This won't affect the keyboard, it will stay as it is now.
So please keep this in mind for new programs, so the change will be easier in the future. I will try to help converting already made programs, if necessary.

Timo 2019-01-02 12:28

Also the gamepad will be temporarily disabled while the keyboard is active, so you cannot use both at the same time. This is because on mobile devices the on-screen keyboard would overlap the on-screen gamepad. I want to make sure we have the same conditions on all platforms.

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