Game of Life 1.2


Beardedfists 2021-05-29 18:00 (Edited)

Conway’s game of life implemented in BASIC for the LowRes NX during a long drive.

More info on Conway’s game of life below.'s_Game_of_Life


Change log:

Game of Life 1.1.nx | Open in app
2021-05-29 20:35
Game of Life 1.0.nx | Open in app
2021-05-29 18:00

was8bit 2021-05-31 05:40

This is VERY inspiring :)

BGelais 2021-05-31 13:30 (Edited)

game of life at its best with an arcade font ;) I'm surprised how this game take max CPU cycles. (i checked in debug mode)

Beardedfists 2021-06-03 03:57 (Edited)

Interesting, I haven’t looked into performance improvements quite yet. Good to know there is a debugger available.

Also thank you for releasing the NES/Arcade font! I’ll update with a credit for you. 😁

Geekster1984 2021-06-05 05:57

Intriguing. Btw nice arcade font, thanks

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