Work in Progress

Tetris Twist


was8bit 2021-06-27 06:16


G-9 2021-06-27 07:29

I was searching for something to draw circles. Thank you so much :3

was8bit 2021-06-27 11:39 (Edited)

Cool :)

... one note, i added this
IF I>6 THEN A=A+0.25

To adjust the TWIST portion a little bit....

Some other notes...

AA=PI/6 is the angle step... 2*PI is a full circle, and with 12ish letters, the angle step is fullCircle/#letters

A=AA*I+PI-0.25 ... when looping thru each step, AA*I picks up each step... i added PI-0.25 with trial and error until the first letter started where i wanted it to start

AI=AI-0.015 is the speed of the spin

All variables with R adjust the radius... you can simply use one radius value if you want a constant radius rather than a changing one... :)

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