Hey, anybody remember me?


CreatorJo 2021-07-29 01:07

Hey y'all, my name's Jonah. You remember me as Diamondwolf3393. Long ago, in 2014, I was a 6-year-old child with aspirations of becoming a professional game developer. That was when I discovered LowRes Coder, where I learned my first programming language. I also made my first game, Bloxcraft, there. Over the years, I've learned Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS, a bit of Lua, and some other languages. Around 2019 to 2020, I moved on from LowRes NX to go to bigger, more professional platforms. I currently use Godot, with the GDScript programming language, and I made my first actual game project, Plastix. I'd love to friend y'all on Discord, and I'll give you my Discord tag if you wanna.

Heh, isn't it weird that I'm 13 years old, and yet I technically have 7 years of programming experience?

Timo 2021-07-29 16:39

Yes, I remember :) So you actually started young with programming. I didn't even have a device to program when I was 6 ;)
I think I started with 11 or 12.

CubicleHead 2021-07-29 18:44 (Edited)

Wow! I think I started in about 2015 or 16 when one of my friends showed me a school assignment where they have to make a video game using a programming language that I couldn't identify then... When I saw the code it looked so cool, all the lines of text making a graphical b&w game, so I tried googling how to make a game using code... I couldn't find any answers on google but I saw that a language called swift could make mobile apps so I tried learning it... It was way more complex than I thought it would be and I couldn't understand it at all. So I kept searching around for other languages and learned Python, HTML and BASIC but I couldn't find anyway to make graphical games with them... One day I was searching the App Store for any type of software for making games when I happened upon Lowres Coder it was free and very lightweight so I downloaded it when I went to the community tab it was so awesome seeing all the epic games and I tried seeing if I could make something on it. I soon found that you have a 25 line limit until you buy the full version so I tried seeing if I could make a moving Sprite. I successfully made a Sprite but I didn't know how to make it move so I just posted my Sprite that can't move. Was8bit commented on it telling me a code I could use to make it move... I put the code in and the Sprite would move. I thought with this maybe I could make a full graphical game so I bought the full version. I was 9 then and so two dollars seemed rather large but it was well worth it! That's so cool that you started at 6!

G-9 2021-07-29 20:54

Bruh we have the almost same story :D
I’m also 13 and I did start when I was 5 (it was just scratch 😂) then I got my first iPhone …. And everything started from there
First I was bored (yes), I couldn’t figure out what could I do with a no-internet iPhone… then I’ve found this awesome app. Free, cool, nice… I was first searching to learn HTML (i thought only html were used to make games 😂) and this somehow appeared in search. I tried it but I didn’t understood anything… (i was 10, and didn’t learned English :( ) but I started to play games from the community. And they were so cool and epic… I tried to make my first remix, using the tools (no coding X) ) I remember perfectly, it was the Motocross Demo :)
And I started to learn C, then HTML (finally), PHP, C++, BASIC (lol and English also) and much more…
Thank you so much Timo, you are the best :)
Also : G-9#3979
See ya :)

Timo 2021-07-31 12:45 (Edited)

It’s very cool to know that some of you started coding with my apps :) So it was worth making them.

GAMELEGEND 2021-08-04 22:05 (Edited)

hey it's Diamondwolf3393! i remember you :)

moechofe 2021-08-07 20:50

Your stories are all cool. We need more developper in this world 😂.
For me, I started coding at 8 with, basic/asm/arexx/e/prolog/c/lisp. I'm 42 now and still love coding stuff.
I always wanted to code during my time inside paris's metro. I was using Codea but it has always lacks of good tools and found it very hard to make a polished product. So I switch to LowResNX. I don't regret it.
I'm working in the game industry as a living.

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