Throw Test


was8bit 2021-09-05 05:27 (Edited)

... testing...

Turn DEBUG on to see the real time speed data (@ each 1/10th second interval)

Throw Test.nx | Open in app
2021-09-05 05:27

G-9 2021-09-05 07:42

Wow, the legend of Zelda engine ?

was8bit 2021-09-05 10:03 (Edited)

Hmmm... could be used for that....

I had the thought of darts, but rather than being traditional, I was thinking a Yahtzee approach to scoring ;)

But, this itself is just testing the concept of tossing something at a target, could generically be used for anything, just change graphics...

..l would like to add onscreen the ability to adjust different variables, so one can test different settings.... but I need to add things: swipe up detection (ignoring slow random aiming) and capturing the distance and speed of said swipe.... this should then affect the amount of rising up, and then any falling back down before it hits the target, as well as any left/right drift....

was8bit 2021-09-05 10:06

Assuming I get it up and running, this code would be available for anyone to use.. with that in mind, again assuming I get something useful, I would put the code inside a sub to make it easier to be added to any game ...

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