Modulation-based Audio Library


CreatorJo 2021-10-01 23:47

The Modulation-based Audio Library is a small library and system that can play sound samples in a way that's vaguely based off of PCM. It updates at 60HZ, making it nowhere near powerful enough for two notes to be seemingly played at the same time, as it also only uses one voice. Arpeggiation is certainly possible, and produces a somewhat convincing effect. This software also includes a demonstration. Tap on the screen to play a random sound effect from the pre installed bundle of samples.


There are 4 main commands that this library has.


This is the update function, and must be called every frame for the other functions to work.


This function is responsible for starting a sample, and is required for everything else.


This function terminates the currently running sample.


This function changes the pitch of the currently running sample, whilst playing.

If somebody can find a way to convert recorder audio into this format, I'll be impressed. Use this library however you like, but of course, please supply attribution.

G-9 2021-11-07 16:01

does this mean *.mod files in nx ?

CreatorJo 2021-11-08 03:59

@G-9 Those are actually sequencer files, if I'm not mistaken. Rather than .mod files, this more closely brings super low fidelity .wav files.

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