LowRes NX v0.10 for Mac, Windows and iOS


Timo 2018-12-25 17:41

I published a new update for all supported platforms.

- Create music with the new Sound Composer tool.
- Play music and effects from your program using the new MUSIC and TRACK commands.
- The updated Star Scroller demo includes music now.
- Raster and VBL interrupts are more powerful now.
- Bugfixes

Enjoy :)

Timo 2018-12-28 19:21 (Edited)

And I just implemented a new user session handling for the website, so that you don't have to log in every day anymore. I hope this makes it easier to like and comment.

was8bit 2018-12-29 07:21

On my next day off (don't know when that will be) I'll fully test this new release on my window pad :)

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