was8bit 2021-12-21 06:30 (Edited)

You traveled to the edge of the universe, when the fabric of space-time ripped apart!

If you ever want to return back home to earth you must repair the damage to space-time

Can you do it? ... select your difficulties, and good luck!

(No check for win, hold empty space to reset a new game)

... there is an easter egg at the top of the code ;)

A big THANKS go to G-9 for encouragement and inspiration towards this progam... ... i love this community :)

ConX.nx | Open in app
2021-12-25 06:20
ConX.nx | Open in app
2021-12-25 06:09
ConX.nx | Open in app
2021-12-25 06:02
ConX.nx | Open in app
2021-12-25 05:35
Puzzle Blocks.nx | Open in app
2021-12-21 08:19
Puzzle Blocks 0.5.nx | Open in app
2021-12-21 07:45
Puzzle Blocks 0.4.nx | Open in app
2021-12-21 07:15
Puzzle Blocks 0.3.nx | Open in app
2021-12-21 06:46
Puzzle Blocks 0.2.nx | Open in app
2021-12-21 06:30

TrashCan Games 2021-12-21 08:39

Pretty cool game. I should try use more touch controls

was8bit 2021-12-24 05:33

Thanky :)

Do u mean like a double tap to spin a piece around ??? It would make the game abit harder...

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