i have an opinion.


R! 2022-01-11 13:55

i want discord channel for discuss about LowRes NX and something about programming, or just to freetalk.

i feel a bit bad about making a new topic about a little simple question.

it's just my opinion so, i'm okay without it if a lot of people say "unnecessary".

was8bit 2022-01-11 16:38

Well, i like posting here, as what we learn here can be seen and used by others so they may also learn...

But i know there are a few discord channels for discussing lowres and such.... but these boards here work as well... whatever you are comfortable with is fine :)

Timo 2022-01-12 12:59

Don't worry about "too many" topics, I don't see it as a problem.
Anyway, if you don't like it, here is an idea:

If you think the question could be interesting for other people: Create a new topic.

If you have a lot of small questions specific to your programs: Create one topic for your program and use it like a chat.

In any case: Try to give meaningful titles to your topics, so people can find them.

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