Electronic update:


Benimo12 2022-02-14 19:17

I have set up the software now but I need help in executing LowRes NX

CubicleHead 2022-02-14 20:16 (Edited)

This helped me: https://lowresnx.inutilis.com/topic.php?id=1736 I'll post I link to a video when I have more time

Benimo12 2022-02-14 21:18

Thank you

Benimo12 2022-02-15 20:05

Thanks dude, it worked. I’ve modified my copy to also read (.txt) files.

Benimo12 2022-02-16 17:31

So apparently, I have to have retro pie installed first because the bin files for installation are missing otherwise

CubicleHead 2022-02-19 04:24

oh cool!

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