Update 4: It might be done now


Benimo12 2022-03-05 23:06

Until my HDMI screen arrives, I’m using a blackberry Priv as an RDP display (delivery dates have been shifted).

I first tried using VNC but, it was very slow and unreliable and also, RDP works a lot better than HDMI (if you’re willing to sacrifice sound). I’ve gotten better speeds, resolutions and definitions plus, it looks like an NX (the controls aren’t on the side as, they’re on a controller unit instead.)

I still want to create a different RDP profile for the pi so that I can use it indoors and out.

Any suggestions, I appreciate them.

CubicleHead 2022-03-06 19:18

That sounds so cool!
Can we see an image or video of it?
Well done :D

Benimo12 2022-03-06 23:20


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