Request for the app.


awholegnuworld 2022-03-20 01:24

Hey Timo, is it possible to make the community open in an in-app browser instead of Safari? I feel like this would be closer to a built in community, without violating Apple’s rules.

was8bit 2022-03-20 04:43

Its the downloading of games that is not allowed inside the app... if the community was able to be opened in the app, apple would only allow chatting, so no getting or playing games, unless you manually posted the code for copy pasting...

This is why new people cannot use the original lowres... it does exactly what you want, but is now only usable by people who downloaded the original lowres before apple changed their mind and pulled it away from new users...

Timo 2022-03-20 11:26

I would have liked to integrate the website into the app, but as Was8bit said, it can be interpreted as something against Apple’s guidelines. The problem is you never really know. Sometimes you are lucky and one of Apple’s testers accepts it and sometimes not. It’s always a risk to spend work into something.

awholegnuworld 2022-03-20 14:50

Ah. I didn’t know that Apple was so strict in their rules.

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