nathanielbabiak 2022-05-10 03:18 (Edited)

For some unrelated graphics games I'm working on, I needed a raster interrupt to sub-divide each cell (with 8x8 pixels) into four "quads" (with 4x4 pixels).

For those games, I realized I'd need some text display and input functionality, so I wrote this as a proof-of-concept. It looks horrible, but will work as a status bar or heads-up display. It takes a little while to orient your eyes to this, but it's (almost?) legible.

(If you check out the source of my Maze3D you might notice the status bar is actually drawn using 60 sprites, and that's just not scalable.)

(And, obviously check out TImo's Micro Text for the grand-daddy/origin of this concept.)

QuadText.nx | Open in app
2022-05-10 03:18

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