Impossible Maze game


was8bit 2022-05-24 01:25 (Edited)

Get all the gold to advance to the next level... your current level is stored in memory, so you can quit and then replay anytime at your last level...

Hold Button(A) to speed up

Hold Button(B) to get a sneak peek of the whole maze

.... good luck ...

Added maze continuity check

Impossible Maze.nx | Open in app
2022-05-24 01:25

TrashCan Games 2022-05-24 09:52

this is really cool. I like the feel of the game

was8bit 2022-05-24 11:59

Thanks :)

I was actually going for something else entirely, but stumbled onto this and it was better than my initial design :)

nathanielbabiak 2022-05-24 18:48

Great sound effects on this!

was8bit 2022-05-25 05:29

Thanky :)

jr 2022-05-27 09:08

Beat maze 1 and half of maze 2.

was8bit 2022-05-27 13:54

Cool :D

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