Match Master


was8bit 2022-05-31 03:08 (Edited)

Combine 3 same tiles in a row or column to advance the game to higher levels...

Tapping 2 tiles that are side by side (orthogonal or diagonal) will ...

1) (if 3 tiles match) the two selected tiles will swap

2) (if orthogonal and no tiles match) will shift all tiles in row or column

3) if #1 or #2 don't happen, then nothing happens

(chain reactions of 3 orthogonal matching tiles are possible)

When 3 matching tiles are removed, these rules apply:

1) the center tile is upgraded, examples: 2 to 3, E to F (except Z stays as Z)

2) tiles drop to fill the remaining two spaces and new tiles are added at the top

When you exit the game, your current game-board is saved to PERSIST memory, and is reloaded automatically when you play again... to reset and start a new game, clear PERSIST memory

Try to reach a certain level, the highest level is "Z"... then see how many of your chosen level you can get...

Level upgrade order is: 1-9,A-Z, game starts with 1,2,3,A,B,C

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2022-05-31 03:08

was8bit 2022-05-31 03:15

This game uses many different tile movements...

- Drop Down to fill empty spaces
- When 3 tiles match: upgrade and removal of tiles
- Slide whole rows or columns of tiles

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