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Dan 2022-06-04 09:07 (Edited)

Hi, i have planed to write a Remake/Demake of the famous Bruce Lee game:

But after few tries to draw the background graphics, and loosing them due to a mispressed escape key, i stopped working on it.

What is working is:
Bruce lee sprite.
if i remember correctly: i have assembled all of the sprite and animation data in one function.

Graphics for the ninja and yamo sprites are all there.

Currently only a small test of movement code is working (as you can see).

Todo: Assemble the ninja and Yamo spprites in a function.
Make a game of it.

Atm i do not plan to continue on this, but who knows ...

BruceLee.nx | Open in app
2022-06-04 09:07

was8bit 2022-06-04 12:19

Very cool animation graphics :)

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