Cowboy Man


SP4CEBAR 2022-06-27 20:47 (Edited)

This is my first fully animated human player, with a walk animation, an animated lasso, and a gun.

It's surprisingly easy to make animations: even with two frames your brain goes like: these pixels change, that hand goes there, makes perfect sense

Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-28 13:14
Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-28 11:21
Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-28 10:16
Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-28 09:56
Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-27 20:49
Cowboy Man.nx | Open in app
2022-06-27 20:47

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-27 20:48

Whoops, double lasso, we can't have that, let's quickly update the lasso-pose characters

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-27 20:57 (Edited)

One thing that may need a bit of improvements is distinguishing the foreground leg from the background leg (currently it looks like the legs have a 2-frame walk animation even though there's four, well with an in-between frame that's used twice, so technically there are three frames)

But doing so is tricky because there aren't that many colors
I managed to do it with the hands using black guiding lines, but on the legs that's a bit harder because the pants are already black

nathanielbabiak 2022-06-27 23:07

You don't need the pants outlined 100% along their entire ("U" shaped) perimeter.

Could you try shading with another color (maybe dark gray) along one edge of the pants, representing a light source?

was8bit 2022-06-27 23:11

You can always layer one sprite on top of another sprite... each sprite then could have its own set of 3 colors.... abit extra work to keep the two sprites together....

Remember that the smaller sprite numbers are layered ABOVE the higher sprite numbers....

was8bit 2022-06-27 23:12

The same trick can work for BGs ... BG 0 above BG 1...

In either case, leave empty spaces for the below pixels to show thru

was8bit 2022-06-28 04:27

Very cool graphics :D

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 08:47

Thank you!

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 09:56

I just made the lasso and the gun work

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 10:16

I just fixed some bugs

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 11:21

I just added sounds

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 13:14

I just added more sounds

was8bit 2022-06-28 17:32

Updates are SO COOL :)

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 19:07

Thank you!

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