Kr87 2022-06-28 12:53 (Edited)

I just made this


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2022-06-28 12:53

SP4CEBAR 2022-06-28 13:19

Seems... dangerous

was8bit 2022-06-28 17:07 (Edited)


I would add a noticeable FLASH WARNING somewhere prominently, as even regular people can be susceptible to temporary seizures.... especially if they are watching it in a dark room at night...

It heppened to me once a long time ago, I was watching a music video and the screen was the only light in the dark room I was in.... I started feeling not well with all the flashing going on, and wanted to turn it off... but I couldn't move... I couldn't even lift my hands or turn my head or close my eyes...my whole body was like frozen... when the video ended and the menu page was showing (menu was not flashing, just a stready page) I slowly came out of what felt like a brain fog... sitting there for a few minutes before I could feel normal again

... that was the last time I ever watched a screen in the dark... to this day I make sure I have some other light turned on in the room... just in case...

was8bit 2022-06-28 17:26

Also, your code is well written, but there are a few tricks to let you do the exact same thing with less code.... also removing dark/bright changes and softening up the brightness differences can make them flashing abit safer :)

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2022-06-28 17:26

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