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was8bit 2022-06-30 22:43 (Edited)

Welcome to the game DICE CONNECT, where HOW you connect your dice affects your score...

There are three ways to score, highest score takes precedence:

5points, RED dice... added dice must be +1 to every red dice touched

3points, YELLOW dice... added dice must be -1 or +1 to every yellow dice touched

1point, GREEN dice... added dice must be -1, equal to, +1 to every green dice touched

Unused dice deducts 1 point each from your score

High score is saved...

MENU SELECT button is the round button in top right corner...

Dice Connect.nx | Open in app
2022-06-30 22:43

McPepic 2022-07-02 18:18

You can’t place anything in the top right corner.

was8bit 2022-07-02 19:47

Yes, technically anything on the top of the screen interferes with placement... if you consider the top row as possible bonus plays, it plays ok...

Basically i got this made in a few minutes ... I often don’t have more time lately... so anyone is welcome to remix etc anything i post...

I saw that issue but as the game as is didn’t meet my original vision 100% I didn’t feel like fixing the top row issue ... it still plays ok even with that little issue ...

was8bit 2022-07-03 05:11 (Edited)

I am still thinking about how to make it better match my initial vision...

... i think i have it...

I am working on version 2, which will remove the issue you mentioned :) the game will be substantially improved :)

was8bit 2022-07-03 06:09

Here is a sneak peak.... i will have to finish this later though...

Dice Connect 2.nx | Open in app
2022-07-03 06:09

was8bit 2022-07-05 18:22

The new version will hopefully be more fun and challanging than the original version

Major changes:
1) gameboard and menu are on seperate BG layers
2) gameboard is now 15x7 in size, scrollable left/right
3) one target type is now 3 target types, each color coded and differing play rules.. green to red is easy to hard, and scoring is graduated 1 to 5
4) expanded available dice to #0 to #10 (was only 1-6)
5) highscore added

The menu is completed, up and fully running.... just now need to do the code for playing the dice

was8bit 2022-07-05 18:33 (Edited)

Dice up top are white, indicating they can be played beside any dice on gameboaed..

As each color (red yellow green) have differing rules and scoring, if a played dice touches more than one color, it will be played to the highest possible score...

if a played dice is in an empty space or cannot be played towards an existing color it is touching, the dice returns to the top

So, lets say if you want to play a dice to red, and it touches 2 red dice, it MUST follow red dice rules to play... if it does play red, yet also is touching green or yellow as well, these color rules are ignored...

So, a played red dice will ignore all other dice touching it if they are a different color... only red dice affect red dice... only yellow affects yellow, only green affects green

... i have to program all of this in, as the exsiting code does not account for colors...

Also, because of the left/right scrolling, i will have to account for dice across the left/right edges...

... not sure when i can get version2 up and running... until then, version 1 is still available...

was8bit 2022-07-11 03:56

Version 2 finished :)

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