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was8bit 2022-07-29 08:05 (Edited)

MOVE menu by holding at menu center and dragging menu

SELECT menu option by tapping an option

current menu graphics (1234,abcd) can be redesigned

multiple menu graphics can be created and used

Only the SUB is required... one may create any kind of code to run the SUB

<<<<<<<< IMPORTANT >>>>>>>>>

The ACTION variable inside the SUB receives commands and also sends back the menu button pushed (1-4) ... your game code is responsible for knowing which menu it is using

ACTION settings
=1 creates a menu
=-1 removes the menu
=10 lets user interact with menu

Your code is responsible for creating the menu, capturing the menu option selected, removing the menu, then processing the menu option that was selected...

SPRITES 57 to 63
Page #2 of character graphics (just the first half for SUB, menu graphics can be put anywhere)

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was8bit 2022-07-29 10:43

Thanky :)

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