Benimo12 2022-07-30 22:16

I was wondering, does the LowRes NX use assembly code as well as BASIC?

I ask this because input registers can be represented as hexadecimal units and also because of commands like INC and DEC which you specified have lesser CPU cycles compared to “X=X+1”

Timo 2022-07-30 22:24

No. Although NX simulates chips for audio and video etc., it does not simulate a CPU, it’s just a BASIC interpreter.

It would have fit into the design though, because you can access the whole system via memory addresses.

Benimo12 2022-07-31 00:14

Oh thanks because my thought was that you only access memory addresses via assembly.

Timo 2022-07-31 08:13

You can use the BASIC commands PEEK and POKE to access the memory addresses. But for most things it's not necessary, because there are already easier commands to do what you want. For example:

Try this:

POKE $9000,232
POKE $9002,233

You will see, that you could get the same result more comfortable ;)

Benimo12 2022-07-31 09:03

I got that, I was asking if it was similar to Assembly Language

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