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DJMoffinz 2022-08-04 00:52 (Edited)

hey guys! đź‘‹
i want to reboot my physical nx project after i lost focus a year or so ago, and i have some more questions for timo and the community about the nx. (i started a new thread because i don’t think thread bumping works on here)

what would be a good physical size for the nx? i was thinking slightly wider than a gba, but other opinions would be good.

how responsive/clicky etc should the buttons be? (give an equivalent to some other console/controller)

should i use actual ROM?

that’s all i’ve got right now, but if you guys can think of anything else i should consider please tell me!

Timo 2022-08-04 09:13

I would imagine it quite bigger, at least like the Game Gear, otherwise the keyboard would be unusable.

What are your plans exactly, how do you want to build it?

Benimo12 2022-08-06 00:26

I’ve worked on said project myself and I have a few questions for you and a few tips to give:

Question 1:
What’s the display mode? This would affect the entire interface of the system:
1. HDMI: Good for sound and vibrant colours but lacks input methods on its own (this will come in useful as the physical NX also needs to be touchscreen). It also consumes an insane amount of power.

2. Remote Desktop Protocol: Surprisingly useful input method. It can be wireless or wired (USB or Ethernet, though if you go this route, I’d assume USB since you’d want it to be pocket sized.), duller colors, power efficient, no sound output and will take bandwidth (depending if you’re going wireless or wired).

3. VNC: Just like RDP but more limited and worse overall.

4. IO/GPIO: Same as HDMI but without sound and can support input as well.

What type of board (SBC) will you be using?

1. Controls can be emulated. Not advising this but keep in mind if there is nothing in stock.

2. Get something more than 5000 mAH if you want your physical NX to last long

3. If you’re going the physical ROM route (though I’m not advising it), get a card reader of sorts and lots of cards which you’ll have to format to FAT32.

4. If you’re going the controller route get one with a keyboard as the majority of your work will be bug testing and driver downloads (unless you’re using libretro or Clockwork PI which I’ll just say Aight).

5. The GBA would be a good resolution size if you’re going to emulate the NX alone. (For the love of God, do not use a GBA screen).

6. Get a good physical storage. Timo knows my story.

7. Unless you get a slide-able screen, just emulate the keyboard (and save yourself the sanity.)

8. Get a reliable power source and reliable power cables for your first tests. (Don’t skip on this one). You shouldn’t even think of attaching a battery until you’re sure everything works on the board. Doing otherwise will give unreliable results.

Oh, and if your OS is Linux based, LowResNX isn’t going to act like an application but a driver/core.

I think I’ve covered everything.

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